Health Cannot Wait

Health Cannot Wait

Last mile delivery of healthcare is always challenging in a country as vast and diverse as India. The uneven distribution of healthcare infrastructure, as well as medical professionals, makes quality healthcare services inaccessible to a large population living in rural areas.

Urban slum dwellers, on the other hand, suffer from lack of awareness, adverse living conditions and the unwillingness to lose a day’s wage in order to reach the nearest medical facility.

As an effort to strengthen the country’s existing healthcare system and reduce the out-of-pocket expenses on health, AM Foundation’s ‘Health Cannot Wait’ initiative is working to make quality healthcare accessible to all. The programme takes preventive and curative services to the doorsteps of vulnerable communities, with a special focus on women and children.

Mobile Healthcare

Reaching the unreached through fully-equipped Mobile Healthcare Units staffed with doctors and paramedics, providing OPD services, point of care test facilities and medicines


Connecting people from remote rural areas with doctors for specialized healthcare from nearby urban health centres, through e-Health Kiosks and Telemedicine Centres


Health Camps

Providing need-based healthcare services to specific target groups through health camps with specialized doctors, point of care tests, and sometimes surgical facilities


Govt. Convergence

Enhancing reach and capacity of Government Health Centres by integrating telemedicine at sub-centres, training of frontline workers and upgradation of PHCs